Dov Baron

1/ Sorry to be so blunt, but I’ve got a hard truth to share. We need to look in the transformational #leadership mirror. MOST #LEADERS AREN’T LEADERS. They are just the first in a long line of followers. Bold statement, right? Believe me, I don’t make it lightly.

1 day ago

1/ “Fear of conflict” often lies at the root of #loyalty issues because when employees don’t know how to handle conflict, loyalty erodes faster than a sandbag in a tidal wave.

5 days ago

1/ It can feel like an impossible set of choices: #leadership or family life. Being an #entrepreneur, growing a #business, and becoming a #leader seem to be on one side, and on the other there's finding a life partner, maybe having children, and being present for...

4 weeks ago

1/ Stop: Think about yourself as a leader and how you lead and let me ask you: “Would you do that to your mother?" As a #leader in any capacity you know, that we all have two sets of #customers…internal and external. The external ones are the ones who buy from you,...

1 month ago

1/ We all know there's a need for #diversity in the work place most of us recognize that yet #diversitytraining rarely works.

3 months ago